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The Brief

During a career spanning more than 30 years, plastic surgeon and specialist skin consultant Dr Peter Dixon has improved the lives of thousands of patients through his exceptional expertise. Now, Peter felt it was time to share his substantial knowledge with a wider audience. How could he best deliver his expertise in an accessible, convenient format suited to today’s audience? Peter chose podcasting as his preferred communication channel and approached podcast agency SoundCartel, with the aim of reaching an audience he believed was hungry for leadership in the often-confusing world of skin health..

The Approach

SoundCartel helped Peter develop ‘About Face’, a unique podcast series drawing on his expertise, with occasional contributions from his professional peers plus the chance to hear the extraordinary stories of patients whose lives have been transformed as a result of the treatment they’d received under Peter’s care. This engaging and informative podcast focusing on the very latest skin treatments for the face. Facilitated by a SoundCartel host and in succinct and conversational style, Peter addresses a multitude of different skin issues. He explains causes and solutions, extracting fact from fiction, with clear explanations about the current products and treatments available depending on age and skin type. The podcast offers fascinating insights into the way each and every one of us can improve the way we look, all delivered in a spirit of warmth and friendship – the discussions are in a language that everyone can understand, and they’re fun!

Why a podcast – and why SoundCartel?

The growth in podcasts has been exponential and they are now are an established entertainment and information tool worldwide, across all age groups. They’re an engaging way to mix medical matters with personal wellbeing and in this category ‘About Face’ is perfect material – appealing to everyone because, let’s face it, so many of us, young and old,  have concerns about how we look to the outside world. And medical or cosmetic, we’re all seeking remedies.

SoundCartel draws on three decades of experience to deliver curated content, bespoke storytelling and a tried and tested process for delivering world-class podcasts and innovative audio solutions that engage and inspire listeners. SoundCartel produces Podcasting Essentials – the podcast for podcasters - plus many other audio series for businesses, governments and associations. They’re best in class!

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