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Don’t risk amateur advice when it comes to treating acne. Instead, heed the advice of a specialist consultant about this all-too-common skin condition that can cause anguish, loss of confidence, and permanent scarring if incorrectly managed. What causes it? What are the latest and most effective treatment options? From cleansers, to retinol, to Roaccutane and beyond, plastic surgeon Peter Dixon highlights what you need to know to manage this complex, disfiguring skin problem. And his first words of advice – act fast and seek the advice of experts.


Catch up on  Previous Episodes

Episode 1    Beyond the myths & misconceptions

Episode 2   Promises, promises…are you being conned by fake skin care?"

                *Join the fight against fake claims and ineffective skin care.

Episode 3   Did you win the Genetic Lottery!

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Episode 4   ACNE   
Avoiding the damage from progressive Emotional and Facial scarring
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